About Us

FramedArts is a brand with the vision of inspiring others through art. We want to help everyone fill their homes and office spaces with art that motivates, inspires and makes them happy. Our mission is to produce high-quality, durable wooden & metal framed ready to hang wall decor. 


  • All our frames are made inside the USA.
  • All our frames are made on-demand, tailor made to each order.
  • Our packaging is custom made, just like our frames.
  • Ready to hang out of the box.
  • Delivered to right where you need it.
    • Need to add your own art? No problem - send us the art (Digital copy) and we'll simply send them framed to you. Ask us for a quotation! info@framedarts.com 

    All our materials are used to every inch possible, and our packaging is tailor-made to each order. This means we are highly efficient at putting your frames together and have virtually no waste afterward.

               Dayton Frame - FramedArts.Org
                     Derby Frame - FramedArts.Org 
    Also we put 5% of our revenue towards addressing poverty and supporting community development. Charities that we are already contributing to ;
    • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


    For any inquiries or questions, Please do contact us on info@framedarts.org